May Long at the WWPFG Eastern Conference 2005

Bountiful Joy
Multiple Awards Winning Artwork

 Category 2 - Theme : "Bountiful Blossoms"

Participated in exhibition and competition at the First World Wide Pressed Flower Guild Conference.
June 2005, Jonesborough, TN.

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I thank God who made it possible for me to create this picture, and for all my achievements.
And special thanks to everyone who supported and voted for me for the People's Choice Award.

May Long with her Multiple Award Winning "Bountiful Joy".
WWPFG Conference, TN, 2005.

Everything on this picture was created with pressed flowers and leaves, except for the background
which was painted. The girl's entire face, including her hair and hands were also made with petals.
Isn't this a fun way to "paint" a picture?

Some of these flowers were pressed 4 years ago, although most were pressed this year.


Naming the picture...

While I was working on this picture, I got really sick and to stop work completely for about 2 weeks. As soon as I was well enough,  I returned to my work with a renewed sense of joy, as I completed the picture with a thankful heart  to God. I think that feeling was reflected in this picture.

I entered only one picture for this pressed flower competition in Category 2 with the theme of "Bountiful Blossoms out of 3 different categories. When I have some time later on, I would like to attempt "painting" a landscape picture as in Category 1 with pressed plants.

The Theme for the competition was Bountiful Blossoms. Someone asked me what I've named my picture, and at that time, it didn't have a name. When I got home and looked at the picture again, the name became obvious to me. "Bountiful Joy". That is the feeling in my heart.

I am honored and happy to share "Bountiful Joy" with you!