The Pressed Flower Art of May Long

Award winning artist, May Long, uses pressed flowers and leaves as an artistic mediums in her designs
 to create unique works of art.
May is a self-taught artist, and a website developer and designer.


First Place Award Winner in Pressed Flower Art Competition
WWPFG 2006 Conference

Multiple Awards Winner in Pressed Flower Art Co
WWPFG 2005 Conference

Pressed Flower Award
See Bountiful Joy here.

"Bountiful Joy"
This picture won 3 awards!

First Place
, Best Of Show and the People's Choice Award.

Award Winner in Fine Arts Contest

Pressed Flower Award

May Long with her Award Winning
Joyful Flute, in the Call to Arts! Expo
in Pasadena, California, February 28, 2004.



Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, 2002
The Honorable Mention Award for the Philadelphia Flower Show
Pressed Plant Material Competition

International Pressed Flower Art Society, (IPFAS) Japan 2001
The Honorable Mention Award for the
International Pressed Plant Postcard Competition.



May Long is a Founding member of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild (WWPFG). She is responsible for the development and design of the WWPFG website's initial conception. She is continues to serve on the WWPFG Committee in website development and design.

Kindly Note:
All Pressed Flower Art images and all web images are sole copyrighted properties of May Long.
Please do not make any illegal copies or link directly to any images on this website. Thank you very much for respecting the artist's rights.


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