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Pressed Flower About Pressed Flower Art
Pressed flower art is the use of pressed flowers and leaves as artistic medium to compose works of art. Different plant materials are dried and preserved by various methods of pressing, later to be used in artistic arrangements. This form of pressed flower art has been gaining popularity amongst pressed flower artists, as seen in the Japanese Oshibana 押し花 works.

Pressed FlowerPressed Flower Artist
May uses pressed flowers, leaves, and various pressed plant materials as art media to "paint" the picture in the her pictures to design unique works of art. Pressed flowers and leaves are intricately woven into the art work, creating a wonderful visual textures and dimensions.

May is a self-taught, award winning pressed flower and mixed media artist. Her art can also be seen on the front and back covers of a beautiful children's poem book. She is also a Founding member of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild, and served as a Committee Member and Web Director from 2001 to 2007.

The Joy of Pressed Flowers

"Painting" with flowers reminds me of how God is so awesome, because each
little petal and each little leaf is perfectly designed by Him first.  ~ May Long



Pressed flower award winning picture

First Place Award
WWPFG Competition 2006


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Pressed Flower Art Gallery
押し花 アートギャラリー

Pressed Flower Art Gallery

Please enjoy the colorful and creative pressed flower designs in the Gallery!

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World Wide Pressed Flower Guild

May Long is a Founding member of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild (WWPFG). She was responsible for the development and design of the WWPFG from the website's initial conception. She served on the WWPFG Executive Committee as Web Director from 2001 to 2008.

The World Wide Pressed Flower Guild: The Guild was established in July of 2001 to bring the world's pressed flower artists together to promote the art and craft of pressed flowers through the exchange of information, tips, and fellowship, and to explore new innovations and trends in all aspects of floral art.





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